Fireworks sales booming in Hays

HAYS, Kansas – The recent rain has eased the drought enough in the Hays area that the city has lifted the ban on fireworks for the first time in years.

Now, firework sales are booming.

Fireworks tents have been popping up in Hays in a very short time.

One tent owner decided to take advantage of the lifted ban and try selling fireworks for the first time.

“Yeah it was pretty tough you know, we did a lot of running around and a lot of phone calls but a lot of good people helped me out and been able to get it done,” said Brian Deibert.

The city of Hays lifted their fireworks ban on Monday night and the owners of this tent set it up on Wednesday. They say they’ve seen a ton of people coming in to buy all kinds of fireworks.

“So when my boys heard that the city had lifted that ban they were extremely extra excited to get back out and get some noise making and make the fourth of July that much more celebratory and colorful,” said Jennifer Johnson, a mother out buying fireworks with her sons.

Families have been extra excited, especially with kids who have never shot off fireworks before.

“Yeah they’re pretty pumped, they saw the tent and basically forced me to pull over,” said Erica Fisher.
The popular fireworks are the big ones.

“And this would be the most popular one, it’s a Diablo, and it’s basically a smaller version of what they do the fireworks shows with,” said fireworks salesman, Ross Karlin.

Fireworks have caused excitement in the city, with people already celebrating.

“Oh yes, people have been going just absolutely crazy, I know our neighbors haven’t stopped lighting off fireworks since they lifted the ban,” said Heather Elaine Hicks.

While the fireworks ban has been lifted in the City of Hays, the rest of Ellis County still has the ban in effect.

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