Scout working to improve a Wichita dog park

WICHITA, Kansas – For the last five years, Drew Duncan has been bringing his dog to the Murfin Dog Park, and he hasn’t been impressed.

“It is pretty barren, desolate and blank.”

There are no trees or shade for either the dog or the owner.

Rocks and debris make up for what little grass there is in the area, and the only seat on the field is a folding chair someone left behind.

“It makes it difficult when I don’t have a place to sit down,” said his mother Lily.

That is why Duncan is taking on the park as part of his Eagle Scout project.

With the help of Wichita Parks and Recreation, he started a fundraiser.

His goal is to raise at least $5,000.

“I just went down there to immediately talk to them, they had a guy come out here, they said they were very welcoming of me doing something out here because they don’t have any funding,” added Duncan.

According to Wichita Parks and Recreation, park maintenance runs on an $8 million budget and that covers all 127 parks though out the city and right of way properties.

“It is just a challenge to stretch tax dollars as far we can to keep out facilities in the best condition that we can keep them in,” said Brian McGuire.

According to McGuire, there are three dog parks in the city.

Two of those are built on an old landfill and are under strict regulations by the Kansas Department of Health.

So far, the department has relied on donations and fundraisers to finance upgrades. Right now, Meridian Dog Park is at the top of its list.

It leaves Murfin at the mercy of an Eagle Scout for now.

“That just helps expand our tax dollars, make them go farther on doing other maintenance issues that we have to do,” added McGuire.

So far an anonymous donor has already donated 9 park benches to Murfin.

If you would like to donate to Drew’s endeavor, you can send a tax deductible check or money order of any amount addressed to:

City of Wichita-Parks and Recreation
*memo line: Murfin Eagle Project
City of Wichita-Parks and Rec
455 N. Main Street, 11th floor
Wichita, KS-67202
Attention: Stacy Hamm

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