Health officals keeping eye on measles outbreak

WICHITA, Kansas – An outbreak of measles has made its way into Kansas and shows no signs of slowing down just yet.

Medical experts say it’s never too late to get vaccinated to help stop the spread.

Dr. Robert Whittler explains the symptoms associated with measles including fever, runny nose and a rash that spreads slowly across the body. It’s a highly contagious disease and those without a vaccination are at the highest risk.

“Vaccine is the best preventable way, the fact is people are contagious with measles one to two days before they have symptoms,” Dr. Whittler said.

The disease has now been confirmed in 20 states this year The Centers for Disease Control counts more than 500 cases, including 13 in Kansas. It’s the largest outbreak in more than two decades.

Meanwhile, a study released this week is the latest to debunk a 1998 study linking measles vaccinations to autism. Experts say the study proves again there is no connection. Still, still thousands of kids in Kansas are exempt from a measles shot for religious purposes.

“There’s going to be some people that I could talk to for days and they’re still not going to get their kid vaccinated that’s not a large percentage of the population certainly i think more people fall into that are they weary of it, do they have some concern and that’s where the evidence certainly can help,” Dr. Whittler said.

While vaccinations are not 100 percent effective, medical experts insist it’s the best way to stop the spread.

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