Terrifying ride caught on camera

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina (WCNC) – No charges are expected to be filed in connection to a bizarre incident in which a man rode on top of a car’s trunk as the driver sped down Interstate 77 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Other motorists watched in disbelief and called 911 Saturday.

“I need you to get an officer out here on 77. There is a car going up the road that’s got a guy sitting on the back of the spoiler,” said a caller into 911.

NBC Charlotte obtained video of the incident from one of the drivers witnessing the scene. His wife shot the video while their son called 911.

Charlotte police says the incident started out as a domestic dispute outside a shoe store and wound up on the interstate between Clanton Road and Tyvola Road.

Officers say the driver was the victim, and won’t be charged.

They say she refused to file charges against the man.

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