Staying safe in the pool

WICHITA, Kansas – A free program in Wichita is teaching children how to stay safe in the water.

The program offsets the needs of the Wichita Parks and Recreation Department.

“They decided to establish a fund to help send kids to summer camps through the Parks and Recreation and swimming lessons for the summer,” said Stacey Hamm, Wichita Parks Foundation.

“It’s the basics of level one and two is like the introduction to the water, the beginning of floats, the beginning of arm motions for swimming, levels three and four take it to the next step, more advanced skills like head in the water, rotary breathing,” said Brian Hill, aquatics director.

The swim program can always use more financial support.

If you’d like to donate or sign up your kids for next summer’s lessons, contact the Wichita Parks Foundation at 316-268-4124.


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