Puppies saved from the heat

FORT MYERS, Florida (WBBH) – A Florida man was arrested Sunday for leaving a litter of seven pit bull puppies inside a moving truck for 45 minutes – on a 97-degree day.

Ruth Sawyer says she and her husband spotted the mother pitbull in the front of a U-haul truck outside their Fort Myers apartment.

The windows were rolled up and the dogs had been trapped in there for nearly an hour.

“Oh, my heart just broke. I could not believe someone would leave puppies like this in a truck for so long,” Sawyer said.

Sawyer called 9-1-1 and police and firefighters showed up to pull the dogs out.

Shortly after, officers arrested Dustin Unwin, 27, after he walked up to claim the dogs. Unwin reportedly told police he had only been away for 10 minutes.

Rescuers gave the pups oxygen, got them into air conditioning and poured water on them to reduce their body temperatures.

“With the oxygen and everything they were like new puppies when they left. They were up walking,” said Lois Ambrose of Fort Myers.

Sawyer says she’s lucky she was in the right spot at the right time, and able to save the little animals.

“I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and God intends on a good home for these dogs and to bring happiness to a family,” Sawyer said.

The dogs are vets before going to a new home. Unwin was charged with animal cruelty.

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