Confusion remains over open carry law

Gun in Holster (KSN File Photo)

WICHITA, Kansas – Open carry has been allowed throughout Wichita for more than a year but not statewide.

It all changed Tuesday when the new law went into effect.

“It’s too confusing. You go from Wichita to El Dorado to even down to Derby and they have all their own ordinances, and people had to know all those little ordinances in order to be properly covered when they’re carrying out in the open,” said Russ Horner, Knapp Weaponry.

The law means that policies set by cities and municipalities restricting guns are now off the books creating a standard rule throughout the state.

But, some say the problems it could cause have less to do with people carrying guns and more with a lack of clarity.

“Anytime the law is confusing, you always have people who will not be able to obey the law because they don’t understand it,” said Gordon Bassham, Wichita Crime Commission.

KSN called officials with the Kansas Attorney General’s Office for a breakdown.

KSN is trying to find out if there were limitations to where guns were allowed or the types of guns permitted to be carried.

They referred us to a summary of the legislation and said, “Our office cannot give you legal advice or interpretation of the statute.”

Private businesses can still decide if they want to allow open carry or concealed carry.

They’ll just have to update their signs, but some do have concerns about the implications of the change.

“I’m not sure about the open carry, I mean, there’s a couple gentlemen that come in and they open carry and nothing has happened, but if you do it out on the streets, I don’t know if you’re gonna have a OK corral,” said Paul Cohlmia, Riverside café.

A big thing to remember, while rules for signs haven’t changed, if businesses do not have a sign up, that means it’s legal for gun owners to open carry into those businesses.

Kansas Attorney General Concealed Carry Information


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