Barton County treasurer and budget update

GREAT BEND, Kansas – After a disturbing find earlier this year, Barton County is depending on an outside firm to do the county treasurer’s job, balance the books.

“I’m very relieved that we, that CIC has been able to bail out the treasurer’s office and give us some relief on those numbers,” said County Commissioner Jennifer Schartz.

Now behind on their budgeting, the county is doing what they can, while they wait for the final numbers to come in.

“We’ve pretty much finished with the expense side of the budget, we’re just waiting for the financial side to come in,” said Schartz.

The county does expect to have a final budget before the state deadline.

“I anticipate that the county will probably not, the commissioners will probably not adopt a budget until later in August,” said County Administrator Richard Boeckman.

The outside company has finished reconciling the tax rolls and bank accounts this week, and now, it’s the auditors turn to start their job, but because the auditors have started so late it might take an additional two weeks for the commissioners to finish the budget.

We reached out again to Treasurer Kevin Wondra to find out why the books weren’t balanced. He has not responded to our requests.

Meanwhile, county commissioners are focusing on next year’s budget.

“You know two months ago we were really kind of fearful that we would not have the budget done on time, and we’re going to be fine now, but I only think that’s because we were proactive on the commission and hired CIC to come in,” said Schartz.

As for Wondra, county leaders say he is an elected official and cannot be fired by the commission.

He was elected in 2012 and, is in the middle of a four-year term.

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