New twist in hot car death

COBB COUNTY, Georgia (WXIA) – New search warrants show Leanna Harris, the mother of a 22-month old boy who died after being left in his father’s car, admitted to police she also researched hot car deaths and “how it occurs”.

The warrants were for a Dell Dimension 9200 Computer Tower from the Harris’ home, Google Chrome cast, a McBook Pro Laptop, a Lenovo T530 Think Pad taken from Justin Harris’ car, an Apple MacBook Pro, and iPhone and an iPad from the car.

Harris’ husband Justin Ross Harris is charged with murder and child cruelty after their 22-month old son Cooper died after being left in the car for more than seven hours while Justin Harris was at work. Harris claims he simply forgot his child was in the back seat.

Leanna Harris does not face any criminal charges, but police have said she is part of their ongoing investigation.

The new warrants were released a day after another set of warrants showed Ross Harris told investigators he made a similar search about hot car deaths. He went on to say he was concerned that something like this could happen.

The warrants do not disclose when the searches took place. Criminal defense attorney Steve Sadow, who is not directly involved with the case, said that information could be crucial.

“We don’t know the context or the timing that these searches took place,” Sadow said.

“Let’s assume there was some event the parents saw several weeks ago dealing with the death of a child and they just decided to go up on the internet.”

“That’s different than if it’s 24 to 48 hours before the incident occurred, which makes it look too coincidental.”

The funeral for 22-month-old Cooper Harris was Saturday, and his father called the funeral and spoke by speaker phone to those attending.

Harris was not allowed to attend the funeral, but told the crowd “thank you for everything. I’m sorry I can’t be there.”

Harris’ wife Leanna said “Ross is, was and will be a great daddy,” to which family and friends gave a standing ovation, Leanna told the crowd she is not angry with her husband over their son’s death.

Around 200 people attended the services for 22-month-old Cooper. Church officials told us the family would not make any statements to the media. But inside the funeral they spoke glowingly of Ross Harris who was listening via speakerphone from Jail.

Earlier in the week, Cooper’s family requested a flash drive of pictures of Cooper to show at the funeral. That request was denied by Cobb County police who said they needed to protect the integrity of the evidence. Due to the controversy and media attention surrounding this case, there was a heavy police presence at the funeral. Following the service, the family left for a private burial.

The family was helped by the Home Depot homer fund which gave them a $10,000 grant to help with funeral expenses.

Cobb police released the search warrants for Justin Harris Saturday morning. The newly released search warrants show police searched Ross’ home, computer, cell phone and car.

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