Hays school officials react to LOB vote

HAYS, Kansas – Today, the Hays school district is deciding how to move forward, after an effort to raise local property taxes to fund schools was voted down.

The final vote was two to one for the no votes, not to increase the local option budget, or LOB.

Hays public schools was relying on the passage of the local option budget, saying that money would have gone to hire back teachers that they laid off at the end of the year.

“I thought for sure the public would come out in favor of the schools and education, and it didn’t happen so we’re going to have to do the best we can with what the state gives us,” said Marty Patterson, a Hays school board member.

That means class sizes that could be up to nearly 30 kids in some elementary school classes.

It’s what they have to do to balance the budget.

“Well, I know our budget will be balanced next year, and we just won’t have any cushion whatsoever,” said Superintendent Dean Katt.

While school board members were disappointed with the results of the lob vote, they were also unhappy with the 38 percent voter turnout.

“I just wish more of the people would have showed up for the vote, cause it’s very very important for our community, and our school and you know if we’re not going to educate our kids, what else are we gonna do?” Said Patterson.

District officials say they now plan to focus on saving money for future years.

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