Private businesses, public buildings protected under new gun law

Conceal and carry

WICHITA, Kansas – A new gun law in Kansas will go into effect on Tuesday.

The new law means the state will now have uniform laws across the state when it comes to open and concealed carry.

In years past, Kansas let local governments decide how to regulate the concealed and open carrying of firearms.

Now those ordinances that were once passed by local lawmakers will be removed, with the passage of House Bill 2578.

Representative Jim Howell pushed for the bill to get passed, hoping it will bring more clarity and understanding.

“Whatever the laws are going to be across the state should to be uniform across the state so people don’t find themselves legal in one jurisdiction and illegal in another jurisdiction.,” said Howell.

The law does make open and concealed carry of guns legal everywhere in the state.

However, Lt. Dan East with the Wichita Police Department says it does allow for certain entities to put forth some regulations.

“Private businesses, private property owners, they can regulate open and concealed carry and that’s done with the appropriate signage from the Attorney General’s office,” said Lt. East.

One of those proposed signs would indicate concealed carry firearms are not allowed in a business, the other would show that open carry is prohibited in a building.

Lt. East says there still will be exceptions to the rule when it comes to guns.

“The exceptions are City Hall, the four police sub-stations, the housing services department and the airport,” said Lt. East.

These exceptions fall under House Bill 2052, which was passed in 2013.

That bill says it is a public buildings responsibility to provide for their patrons security.

Under the new law, public buildings that don’t intend to provide for the public’s security can apply for an exemption, allowing them to restrict firearms in the building.


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