Local group fights hunger, one truck at a time

WICHITA, KS-It’s a gift that keeps on giving; The Lord’s Dinner unveiled a new food truck this week thanks to the help from a special donation.

Volunteers and workers at the Lord’s Dinner are very much aware that hunger is a major problem in Kansas. Working 5 days a week serving meals to up to 1,500 people a day, many who rely on their food truck.

“I say we can do about 700 in this truck itself,” said David Horton, Food Service Director for the Lord’s Diner”.

In most cases, 60% of people fed from the truck are children. According to the Kansas Food Bank in Kansas 1 and 5 kids and 1 and 6 adults are food insecure.

“There’s a lot of working people that are just struggling to get by so they have to visit the food pantry or soup kitchen to get them through the month because they just don’t have enough to make ends meet,” said Brian Walker, CEO of the Kansas Food Bank.

Which brings us back to the food truck. The Lord’s Diner got an unexpected donation to help them continue their fight against hunger.

Kathie Dakhil and her husband Dr. Shaker heard there was a need for a second truck and decided to pay the $115,000 tab.

“We looked at the faces of these kids and we don’t want hungry kids in this country,” said Kathie Dakhil. “We shouldn’t have hungry kids.”

“It’s a blessing in disguise,” said Horton. “We’re already spending money on food itself right now and to have a donor say here I would like to help with the community and just purchase a truck for us its just a wonderful thing.”

The Lord’s Dinner hopes to add a third truck to it’s mission. As for Dakhil’s, they hope more people will come forward and help.

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