60 birds removed from Wichita home

(KSN photo)

WICHITA, KS — Sixty birds have been euthanized after animal control and police conducted a follow-up investigation at a west Wichita home Thursday.

According to police, 58 chickens, two turkeys and four guinea pigs were seized from the home on the 11000 block of West Lotus.

All 64 animals were living inside a basement bathroom in the same house as the family that includes five children. The birds were put down due to their poor condition but the guinea pigs remain with animal control.

Lieutenant Dan East, Wichita Police Department, explains that this many birds was way above the number allowed by law.

“You can keep no more than three chickens without a permit in the city and 12 chickens with a permit,” said East. “Due to the number of the animals that were there, the number of birds that were there, the smell of ammonia was pretty strong due to the waste.”

The Wichita Fire Department was called out to assist in the animal removal. They used their self-breathing apparatus masks because the smell from animal waste was so strong.

Charges are pending against the 34 year-old man and woman.

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