Texas city considers coating lake with special powder

Extreme drought prompts extreme measures.

Extreme drought has Wichita Falls, Texas considering coating area lakes with special powder to reduce evaporation. arrowhead-lake(KFDX)

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KFDX) – Extreme drought has the city leaders in Wichita Falls, Texas considering extreme measures.

The town council will vote next week on coating local lakes with an anti-evaporation powder.

Public Works Director Russell Schreiber says they are close to exhausting almost all their water management strategies, so trying something never tried on such a large scale may be worth the chance to make every drop count.

Lake Arrowhead could soon be covered with a biodegradable lime based powder that turns to a coating in an effort to slow the loss of water into thin air by evaporation.

“It’s gonna look like lime that you chalk a baseball field with,” says Schreiber.

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