Greg Orman responds to KSN News Poll

Greg Orman (KSN File Photo)

U.S. Senate Candidate Greg Orman responded to the KSN News poll.

“Having been in the U.S. Senate race just a few short weeks, I’m pleased to see that my campaign is already earning support from Kansas voters. The other candidates have been running for months – and in one case decades now – while I’m just beginning to introduce myself and our campaign to offer common-sense, entrepreneurial and independent leadership to address this nation’s most pressing problems.

This survey is clear evidence that Kansans are hungry for change from the partisan polarization that grips Washington today. Like me, they’ve had enough of the petty politics that’s tied Congress in knots and instead want leaders who will tell the truth about the tough choices we have to make and work across the political aisle to get things done.

I believe my personal story of building successful businesses, of forging coalitions and seeking common ground will resonate with voters, and as we continue to build our statewide campaign I’m confident a growing and broad spectrum of Independents, Democrats and Republicans who are fed up with the broken political system in Washington will join our cause.”

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