TSA demonstrates PreCheck enrollment

WICHITA, Kansas – There’s a new tool available in Wichita, making it easier and faster to get through security lines at the airport. A PreCheck enrollment center just opened in the city.

The center is located at New Leaf Plaza at 2021 North Amidon Avenue, Suite 13.

TSA officials say enrollment is important because it helps speed up the process and allows them to focus on passengers who they don’t know as much about.

The PreCheck system has been around for two years. About 300,000 people nationwide already have their “Known Traveler Number” or KTN. To get that, you need to set an appointment to come in and get fingerprinted and answer some questions. It’s a process you couldn’t do in Wichita until now.

Matthew Gunto is considering applying for the PreCheck to get through security lines faster.

“To me  it doesn’t really matter you get through pre check but you still have go through the body scanners  so you catch a line there depending on where they have the pre check set up,” Gunto said.

The new TSA PreCheck station allows applicants to show an ID, answer a few questions and get fingerprinted for their Known Traveler Number.

“When a passengers are willing to give us additional information about them it allows us  to focus on other people we don’t know as much about,” said  Keith Osborn, TSA Federal Security Director.

PreCheck flyers can leave their shoes and belts on, plus leave their laptop in its bag. The goal is to get each known traveler through the security line in 5 minutes or less.

Deborah Vlasak didn’t apply for PreCheck, but she has been randomly approved to use it several times before.

“The last time I went through the line they had to check my hands for gunpowder and I was pre-checked and that was more inconvenient than going through the line take off the belt take off the shoes,” Vlasak said.

Enrolling costs $85 for a five year membership.

If you are looking to sign up, you can visit TSA.gov.

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