Storms Tuesday bring heavy rain and damage to western Kansas

WICHITA, Kansas – On Tuesday, 2.47 inches of rain fell in Wichita. It broke the previous record for June 24, 1995 when 2.43 inches of rain fell.

Most of that rain fell within an hour and half causing a soggy commute home for drivers.

At West and 10th Street, a car stalled in a couple of inches of water.

Other cars managed to make their way through the water logged streets.

Downtown Wichita had its fair share of flooded streets especially the area near 2nd and Saint Francis where high water levels made roads nearly impassable.

By late evening, the conditions took a drier turn.

In western Kansas, Garden City also had storms.

Strong winds tore off part of the roof at EB tires.

A few miles to the east, the Garden City Airport reported an 85 mph wind gust.

Enough to snap trees.

The area also saw widespread flooding.

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