Storm winds reach 85 mph in southwest Kansas

GARDEN CITY, Kansas – On Tuesday evening, winds in Finney and Gray Counties got as high as 85 miles per hour.

“Bunch of high winds came through and yanked the back of our roof off, and took it over the building and slammed it into a telephone pole and left us a big mess,” said A-M Excavators Owner Mike Russell.

The strong winds also took out some trees and brought branches down on some other power lines, but the Garden City Electric Department said it could have been worse.

“We just had tree limbs on lines in a few different locations, and that’s about all we really experienced,” said Foreman Jimmy Skinner.  Wheatland Electric and Cox cable trucks were also out repairing lines.  Cox only had a few pockets of customers lose service.

Wind wasn’t the only problem though, the storm brought as much as three inches of rain in some areas.  The rain came so fast, it flooded the streets in town and even left enough standing water to stall some vehicles.  The rest of the water ran off into ditches, which are normally completely dry.

Emergency Management had people outside helping direct drivers around problem areas.

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