Randall Batson (L) — U.S. Senate

Biographical Information: 

  • QA inspector
  • Assoc. in Aviation Maintenance Technology; Cowley County Community College/Aviation Tech Center
  • Assoc. in Welding Technology; Tulsa Welding School
  • High school Diploma; Wichita High School North
  • Republican 1994-2009
  • United States Navy 1994 – 1998 stationed on the USS Independence CV-62 in Yokosuka, Japan

Personal Information: 

Married in 2001.

Campaign Website: Batson For Senate

How do you propose to fix the current concerns with VA medical centers across the country?

With continued bureaucracy of the VA, wait times are ridiculous. There are three ways to end this burden. Promulgating between the first two is a greater resolve.

  1. Rehabilitate as capable, and relinquish to the private sector what capacity the VA cannot handle and send the medical bills to the federal government.
  2. Disestablish the VA and relinquish to the private sector and have the federal government pay the medical bills to the federal government.
  3. Disestablish the VA and relinquish it to the private sector and the federal government have no part in these people’s lives.

Regardless of choice 1) or 2) if in 5 years that it hasn’t been resolved, to have a trigger in acting the third choice.

If the federal government can’t do its job, then it shouldn’t lie to these people.  If it’s an issue of the squeaky wheel that gets the grease: then the torn esophagus cannot yelp; and the person with an amputation cannot give a hand gesture without a prosthetic. We ask service people to have integrity, yet the federal government cannot reciprocate the same. To respond to that this is immoral not to help these people is to at least quit lying to these people. If this is a bureaucracy concern of fraud, waste, and abuse this can come after the rehabilitation.

What specific issue do you think deserves your immediate attention in Washington, and how to you plan to address it?

Repeal the 16th amendment. Replace with the FairTax; this national sales tax replaces most federal taxes. Currently, embedded taxes result in overpricing all items in the market. Once transitioned to the FairTax, prices would drop while at the same time boosting peoples’ paychecks. Unlike the proposed inclusive rate of 23%, with payroll deduction choice, the FairTax could be lowered to 9%.

If it didn’t benefit both parties people wouldn’t trade voluntarily. However income tax penalizes productivity and so discourages productive endeavors. Taxes should only be voluntary; at point of consumption of new goods, and services only.

Please provide a one to two paragraph explanation of your stance on each of the following:


We forged this nation on the New Colossus. Immigration is only as popular as economic downturns. Trade with newcomers benefits all parties. This doesn’t negate law. However knowledge of such law may come to late for some. I don’t think we should force people to become citizens that don’t want to. Migrant workers that want to work here temporarily should be allowed. An individual that wants to become a citizen we should treat with current law. E-verify should become a voluntary exchange in commerce. Businesses that take part can do so of their free will. Those businesses that do not shall do so also. Let the free market make these decisions.

We should be careful in our thoughts on borders. Does a wall keep people out, or does it keep people in?

Health Care:

Unfortunately the US Supreme Court failed the first, fourth, and tenth amendments of the Constitution. The only recourse is the ninth amendment. However I don’t see the desire to retry the case in a different matter. Repealing the law may seem difficult but the most important part of it is repealing the individual mandate. The bureaucracy is a heavier lift, but if only we should at least repeal the individual mandate.

Economic Issues:

Quantitative easing is printing of money, which lessens the value of it. The Federal Reserve commits to this artificial inflation.

The Federal Reserve has debt property claims against us. We should trade property they’re holding for us, for Federal Reserve notes in our wallets. Repeal the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, reclaim our property, coin our money according to Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution, and send a debt jubilee to the Federal Reserve. Let clearing houses take on the remaining roles.

Foreign Policy:

While stationed overseas in the Navy, some places during my tour of duty had protests. A need is that all nations and people be given respect. Standing on foreign soil isn’t the best diplomacy.

Bring our troops home from foreign lands and defend America. Claims that this is isolationism or being naiveté are incorrect. Peaceful trade and commerce benefits all and is not isolationism but expands peace and prosperity. Take the examples of our former enemies Vietnam, Japan, and Germany. These countries are now allies.

As it relates to jobs, domestic base expansion will become necessary once bringing our troops home.

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