Newton suspends political sign policy

NEWTON, Kansas – As the political races heat up, campaign signs are beginning to pop up across Kansas.

However, one town has changed the rules on how big and where the signs can be.

According to Bob Myers, the Newton City Attorney, the city has suspended their current political sign policy.

This means that signs of any size can be put up.  Also, Myers says their is not time table on when the signs can be put up or taken down.

Myers says the reason for the policy suspension is that the regulations only apply to political signs and can be seen as impacting free speech.

Myers said it would be hard to enforce the policy and that it would need to pass legal scrutiny.

The Harvey County Sheriff’s office says they’ve received complaints about signs being put up on county property, as well as, in Newton city limits.

“I’ve also received complaints about the size of signs within the city of Newton and what I’ve been told is the current policy has been suspended,” said Harvey County Sheriff T. Walton.

Walton adds that since any political sign can be up, that his office won’t be removing any of the signs.

“We’ll stay out of it because if we pull a sign than the other candidate says we’re being bias, we’re not involved in that,” said Walton.

Walton says that any sign put on private property without the landowners permission, can be removed.

Currently, there is no time table on when a new policy will be put in place.


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