Kris Kobach responds to KSN News Poll

Kris Kobach responded to the KSN News poll.

Due to technical issues, his response has been edited down for clarity.

“I am very pleased with the poll numbers and I think my margin will probably widen as we go toward November, as more voters learn that I’m the candidate who has put into place our proof of citizenship system,” said Kobach. “That my opponent is against proof of citizenship. That polls overwhelmingly positively with voters, and I think they’ll, you know, respond favorably because voters want proof of citizenship in our elections,” he continued.

“The poll results also show that not only is – are voters on my side when it comes to requiring proof of citizenship… It also shows that voters are on my side when it comes to enforcing the rule of law in immigration. And here too, there’s a big distinction between me and my opponents. We absolutely must enforce our immigration laws, and states and cities should do what they can to reinforce the rule of law. My opponents disagree,” said Kobach. “They’re free to disagree. It’s a free country, but I think most Kansans agree with me on this one.”

“It’s not surprising at all that Kansans are concerned about immigration and, of course, they’re most concerned about illegal immigration,” said Kobach. “And this flows over into the duties of the Secretary of State. We have a very big problem in Kansas with aliens being registered to vote. In particular, in the Wichita area, we’ve seen quite a few, but also in Southwest Kansas. For example, in 1997, there was an incident where there was an attempt to steal a local election on a ballot issue – a hog farming issue – in Seward County and approximately 50 aliens were unlawfully registered to vote. So, Kansans are concerned about it. They know it’s a problem, and I’m the one who wants to do something about it. My opponents don’t want to have proof of citizenship to register to vote,” Kobach continued.

“The Secretary of State is the chief guardian of the security and integrity of our elections, and there is a huge threat to our elections posed by aliens being registered to vote in Kansas,” says Kobach. “We’ve got many, many cases of this happening, and not only do they register to vote, they vote. Every time an alien votes, it cancels out the vote of a U.S. citizen, and that is something the Secretary of State has got to protect Kansans against. I’m the only candidate who wants to do something about it,” said Kobach.

“There is a great deal of evidence that aliens registering to vote in Kansas is a problem. In fact, the Secretary of State’s office – we recently presented evidence to the federal district court in Wichita of approximately 20 recent cases of aliens registering successfully to vote in Kansas before we had our proof of citizenship requirement. On top of that, we had about 50 cases in Seward County in 1997, and these 70 cases are just the tip of the iceberg. Most of the cases we haven’t discovered because it’s very difficult to find aliens on your voter rolls once they are there. That’s why voters are so overwhelmingly in favor of proof of citizenship – because you… at the front end, you ensure that aliens do not get on our voter rolls in the first place,” said Kobach.

“Well, in my view, our voter registration system has to be secure, and I’m the candidate that wants to preserve our proof of citizenship requirement. My opponents want to get rid of the proof of citizenship requirement,” said Kobach. “So, I think the fact that voters are concerned about this, probably bodes well for my side of the argument.”

“The primary difference between me and my opponent in the general election is that she wants to get rid of our proof of citizenship requirement. I’m the one who put it in place and I’m fighting to keep it. We absolutely must have proof of citizenship to vote. I think that’s going to be the defining issue of the general election,” said Kobach. “As for my work in my spare time, to help enforce the rule of law, in immigration, I think most voters are probably happy that I’m doing that in my spare time rather than playing golf.”

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