Jean Schodorf responds to KSN News Poll

Jean Schodorf (KSN Graphic)

Jean Schodorf responded to the KSN News poll.

Due to technical issues, her response has been edited down for clarity.

When asked about her reaction to the KSN News poll results released Wednesday, Schodorf told KSN, “It’s going to be a horse race. It’s going to be exciting. People are very interested in this race and we will be successful in November, without a doubt.”

“We had a poll in February or March and we were 22 points behind, and we have gained this much momentum so early in the process, in the election cycle,” continued Schodorf.

KSN asked Schodorf what her plans are from here, in the campaign, prior to election day.

“What I need to be able to do is to continue that and continue to go across the state and talking to people and getting my message across,” she said.

When told that immigration was the most important issue for voters, Schodorf said, “Immigration is very important to people, and the first thing is that it’s a federal issue and our elected officials in Washington, D.C. really need to take care of that problem.”

“The most important thing that Secretary of State can do is make sure that our elections are fair and very secure,” said Schodorf. “What people are concerned about is the extremist policies by the present Secretary of State. They are sick of that,” Schodorf continued.

“I believe that it should be easy to vote, but hard to cheat, and we will have safe and secure elections, helping people vote; help[ing] all citizens be able to vote, especially senior citizens,” said Schodorf.

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