Heavy rain leads to soggy basements around Wichita

WICHITA, Kansas – Using fans to dry out a basement was not the way many people wanted to start their day but after the storms we have had in the past week, water found its way into many homes.

“Normally, we’ll get a handful of calls because of pipe breaks and things like that,” said Sam Lazarus with ServiceMaster Clean. “But because it rained a lot in a short period of time so people got water in through their windows things like that so we did see an uptick in calls”

While many calls have been pretty basic in the work needed, others have required restorations. It’s a bigger issue than other work in homes because not much can be done to prevent it, and once it’s in there, it can be tricky to get out.

“Water tends to absorb into the materials and sit there, drywall doesn’t dry out quickly, it seems like it would, and it may not even seem wet when you touch it,” noted Lazarus.

However, if you’re able to catch the problem early on, it’s best to take care of it early when it doesn’t seem so major, especially if areas involved could have mold and fungus grow over time.

“It’s a worthwhile investment for a homeowner,” said Lazarus, “because the after repairs are far more costly than the initial mitigation costs that’s necessary.”

Officials say to check the pumps in your basement at least once a month for issues and be sure to keep an eye on your gutters and other areas that could indicate issues with water drainage.

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