Dr. Milton Wolf responds to KSN News Poll

Milton Wolf (KSN graphic)

Dr. Milton Wolf’s campaign responded Wednesday to KSN’s News Poll:

“Two weeks before the primary election in Virginia, Eric Cantor thought he would win by 37 points because that is what the polls showed. Our internal polling shows that amongst people who know both Dr. Milton Wolf and Pat Roberts we are winning by 8 points, 51 – 43. As our grassroots efforts expand their reach over the next 6 weeks and as we go back up on television statewide, we will reach the voters with Dr. Wolf’s message and we will win. When Pat Roberts released his internal polling, it showed that he was up 69 – 15. He has already spent over $1.5 million this cycle and the more he spends, the more his numbers will drop because there is no amount of television commercials that can change the fact that Pat Roberts has been in Washington for 47 years, and is part of the problem that is hurting our country.”

Ben Hartman, Campaign Manager Milton Wolf for U.S. Senate

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