World Cup watch parties take over Wichita

WICHITA,Kansas — They’re loud, rowdy, and they’ve been waiting four years for another shot at a world title.

“The World Cup’s a big deal soccer is the biggest sport in the world everywhere but here and it’s on the rise here, said Chris Baldwin the VP of the Wichita Chapter of the American Outlaws.

Across Wichita, everyone is getting into the spirit of soccer, down to the way they dress. Only a true fan can describe the experience.

“The jersey can’t go wrong,” said Baldwin. “Scarves are very important; it’s kinda a soccer tradition. Its nuts, that’s the only way I can describe it is nuts.”

On Sunday the Wichita chapter of the American Outlaws made up the more than 400 people that packed the Fox and Hound, as the US battled it out against Portugal.

“When a country wins a World Cup four times the trophy is retired,” a fan told KSN. “So far this one’s up for grabs between Brazil, Germany, and Italy. We will actually end their streak because we’re bringing this home.”

Fans say this is not only a moment in history for the US, but a major victory for Kansas. Matt Besler from Overland Park has given locals more of a reason to watch by making it to the national level.

“It’s a huge deal for us,” said Baldwin. “He’s the first person to ever represent Kansas on the national soccer team in the World Cup.”



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