Kan-Care Enrollment on the rise

WICHITA, Kansas — In March the state of Kansas opted to not accept Medicaid expansion dollars from the federal government. This decision sparked controversy with many who fell within that gap. Still, the Kansas Health Institute says not everyone is missing out.

Kancare gives medical benefits to individuals who make less than roughly $5,000 a year.  Some argue that if you make between about $5,000 to $12,000 a year, you make too little to get those so-called Obama-Care subsidies

According to a new report from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, Kansas has seen a significant jump in the number of people enrolled despite lawmakers not making the necessary changes to eligibility standards.

The total enrollment for Kancare in April of 2013 reportedly reached over 396,000.  In April 2014, that number has rose to a historic high of more than 426,000.

Paid for mostly by the federal government, the state covers about 43% of the cost.

The KDHE is calling this one of the single largest areas of spending for Kansas government at $3.2 billion a year, which is about $1.3 billion of state money.

Why the increase? A lot of attention was given to insurance coverage during the launch of Obama-Care.

People, who were eligible and didn’t know it, learned they could qualify for other benefits like Medicaid.

This could be the beginning…consultants with AON Hewitt predict growth in Kansas Medicaid-CHIP enrollment will go up even more rising to more than 41,000 enrollees by the end of 2016.

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