Dog days of summer can prove to be harmful for pets

WICHITA, Kansas – – Summer officially starts tomorrow, and the temperatures are sure to rise during the dog days of summer.

Those rising temperatures can prove to be dangerous for our pets.

This afternoon many dogs and their dog owners were out and about trying to enjoy the warm weather and sunshine.

Dog owner Joe Worley came to Meridian Park with his two-year old beagal and dachshund mix, Moses.

Worley says as much as he likes the warm weather, he does worry about the harm it can do to his dog.

“I’m kind of worried about bringing him out during the day, I try to come towards the evening to keep him out of the heat of the day,” said Worley.

The nearly triple digit summer temperatures can sometimes be severe.

Johna Unruh is a Veternarian at Northrock Hospital for Animals.

She says in her two years as a vet, she’s seen a couple of cases of heatstroke, something that can prove to be fatal.

“I think they don’t take into consideration how a little elevation in temperature can make a big difference for your pets,” said Unruh.

Unruh says another common mistake is pet owners who leave their pets in a car for a long extended period of time.

She says even cracking a window won’t provide the best defense against the heat and advises owners to not leave their pets in a car at all.

Unruh adds, there are a couple things that are always best to remember.

“I would recommend providing fresh, cool water for pets any time they’re going to be outside, if it’s going to be an extremely hot day, like anything over 90 or 95 to just keep them inside,” said Unruh.

According to the website, it’s wise to use fly and mosquito repellent on your pets.

The insects can transmit deadly diseases like heartworm and the West Nile Virus.

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