5 Kansas reservoirs to store more water to combat drought

Lake (KSN File Photo)

EL DORADO, Kansas – The Army Corps of Engineers is holding more water in several Kansas reservoirs to combat the drought.

“We’re just going to try and store some of the water in the reservoirs to get us through the drought in case we’re not coming out of it, Sara Goodeyon, with the Army Corps of Engineers, said. “We want to hang on to this water through the drier months instead of letting it go.”

In all, 5 reservoirs will have higher levels through the summer, including El Dorado lake, which will have a six-inch increase in the total level.

Park officials say it will not have an impact on recreation because it takes 2.5 to 3 feet of added water to impact operations.

But there is a noticeable difference in what the park looks like with more water.

“You can definitely tell,” officer Tyler Burt, with the department of Wildlife and Parks, said. “You don’t see the shoreline, the rocks, the dirt, you see the water up in the vegetation.”

City officials this afternoon from several communities like Mulvane and Augusta that use el dorado water for their supply said Friday they do not expect any negative impacts on water deliveries as a result of increased storage.

“It sounds like a good thing to do,” Mulvane city administrator Kent Hixon said. “They have always managed their resources extremely well, and I’m confident they will continue to do that, so if it’s in the best interest of their customers to do that, they will continue on.”

The increased water levels will be in effect until September.

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