Pompeo vs Tiahrt may come down to conservative vs moderate

Decision 2014 (KSN File Photo)

WICHITA, Kansas — Are you a conservative or moderate, if you vote Republican?

“That’s a manageable lead if you are Tiahrt to say we can still strike. There’s sixteen percent undecided,” says political analyst Jeff Jarman. “We know from this survey a significant number of people thought jobs and the economy were going to be an important factor for them in this election. If you’re in the Tiahrt camp, you feel really good about this poll. You just got into the race a few weeks ago.”

Jarman says a 16 point lead is big. But, then again, not so big.

“Considering Tiahrt is just getting his message out, this is an interesting number,” continues Jarman. “And it may come down to conservative versus moderate.”

Jarman points to KSN News Poll numbers that show “moderates” may be the ticket to gaining momentum and even winning.

” There is a significant lead for Pompeo when it comes to conservatives and I think that there are conservatives in the region who, even though Todd has a strong conservative voting record, they are going to point to a couple of (Tiahrt Congressional) votes that they are upset by and he’s going to have to explain those votes,” explains Jarman. “Moderates, on the other hand, this is a dead heat between those two candidates… among moderates. ”

Jarman says the poll numbers, for now, show the one who captures more moderates may have a chance to move the numbers.

“It’s certainly not the only thing,” says Jarman. “There are other considerations. For example, women who are undecided will really come into play. But if someone finds a way to move the moderate numbers, and keep the conservative vote, that will bode well for the campaign.”

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