It’s all about the jobs

WICHITA, Kansas — In the KSN News Poll, conducted by Survey USA, jobs is big.

Huge. At least for U.S. Congressman Mike Pompeo, who is being challenged by former U.S. Congressman Todd Tiahrt.

“Huge, yes,” says political analyst Jeff Jarman. “Just look at the numbers.”

Jarman says this is a rare politcial moment, a former U.S. Congressman running to get his old seat back.

“But it’s about the jobs,” says Jarman.

The KSN News Poll asked likely voters what issues mattered most when it comes to voting in the 4th Congressional District. Obamacare factored in at 26%. Immigration issues followed with 14% of voters saying that mattered most.

Jobs and the economy came in first at 43%.

“And both camps will be playing this up, and pointing to their voting record,” explains Jarman. “Both have some areas where they can really gain traction.”

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