Hays Gets An Update on Well Water

HAYS, Kansas-There is finally water in both the Big Creek and Smokey Hill Creek in Hays, and tonight, the city commission will find out just how much water they got.
“If we were to continue to receive precipitation and it would be cooler, a little more of what we normally receive, that would be, that would set us on the path too, take off the water watch and that’s very important,” says Henry Schwaller, Mayor of Hays.
It’ll still be another week or two before the city commission decides to talk about drought restrictions again, because after the rain filled up the creek, it still takes three weeks before the city knows how much of that water went into the wells, and stayed there.
“Plus we want to make sure that we’re far away enough from, from the recharge events to know what benefit into the aquifer is something that’s actually going to stay there for a while and not an artificial increase which is going to go down in the matter of a few days,” said Toby Dougherty, Hays City Manager.
The city says with more rain, they could go back to a water watch, with fewer restrictions, but it will take at least a year or two of above average rainfall to get the aquifers back to normal levels, but for now, the rain is making everyone happy.
“The town looks a lot better, generally it’s very beautiful, and i’ve seen that a lot of people are feeling better, and it’s really boosted moral in the city, rain always does that,” says Schwaller.

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