Sedgwick County 911 looking to solve issues of holding queue

WICHITA, Kansas – The Sedgwick County 911 Emergency Communications Center stays busy around the clock handling the emergencies of our community.

On an average day, dispatchers take about 1,400 calls.

911 Director Kim Pennington say when all the dispatchers get tied up on the phones, the remaining callers get put on hold until a dispatcher can handle their call.

“It’ll go into what we call a queue and that gives them a recording that says don’t hang up your, call is in the system and if you hang up you go back to the end of the system,” said Pennington.Sh

The queue system was installed in 2008, as part of $175,000 upgrade to the phone system when Sedgwick County 911 moved into their current facility.

It was meant to be more efficient than the old way of having the phone line constantly ring.

Pennington says she has received two complaints about the queue system in the past two months.  Before that, she said she hadn’t received any during her time as director.

She’s hoping to make some improvements to the system.

Unfortunately, right now, Pennington says she can’t even tell how many calls are being put into the waiting line.

“Right now, as an after-effect I can’t get in there and tell you how many calls go in the queue,” said Pennington.

Pennington reached out to their provider, AT&T, two weeks ago in hopes of tracking down the numbers and figure out what needs to be improved.

Pennington says she did get a call back from the company Wednesday afternoon, saying they’ll send someone out to track down the information that she wants.


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