Car thieves steal arms

ORLANDO, Florida (WESH) – Chris Miller woke up Tuesday to find his truck had been stolen from his driveway, but the thieves took more than just his vehicle. They also took $100,000 worth of prosthetics.

“I woke up about 9 a.m., left to do the usual things and my vehicle was missing,” he explains.

Miller was in an electrical accident in December 2003. His arms were amputated below his elbow. Since then, he’s been using prosthetic arms.

“These arms gave me my life back again, and without them I’m useless again,” Miller says.

A spare set of prosthetic arms, plus the equipment and parts he uses to fix them, were all in his truck when the thieves stole it, leaving him with only the pair he’s wearing.

“They’re my lifeline. They’re what I use for everyday activities. I have two children, when I have them alone and something breaks, I need to have my spare set so I can put them on and so I can take care of them,” Miller said. “That’s mainly why I keep everything with me at all times.”

Miller was not the only target. One of his neighbors also had her vehicle stolen, and another neighbor had his broken into.

Residents think they caught burglars on a home surveillance system. One of them was seen casing a car on the street.

A few moments later the video shows them running, and then Miller’s truck drives by with his lifeline in the back.

“If you know the person who’s done this or you know who may have done this, I don’t really care what they’ve done,” Miller said. “I would just like the property returned and that’s all.”

Miller’s truck is a black 2010 Chevy Silverado, and anyone who thinks they know where it is located is asked to call authorities.

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