Veteran care program may be going away

Robert J. Dole, VA Medical Center (KSN File Photo)

Wichita, Kansas — It’s called ARCH. Access received closer to home. It’s a veteran program designed to give rural veterans care where they live.

It’s been operating in Pratt and Great Bend. It may be going away.

“Based upon sources that now talk to me, suggest that the VA is already telling veterans who utilize ARCH that it’s going to go away at the end of the year,” says U.S. Senator Jerry Moran. “We are going to do everything to make sure that it does not. And it shouldn’t because the legislation that the House and Senate have now both passed… we will start working out the differences in both of them in the near future. But both of them promote home town care.”

KSN has reached out to multiple VA sources, including those in Washington, D.C. and, so far, have not been contacted about the possible closing of the ARCH program.

Other lawmakers say ARCH is a great program and they, too, want answers. And, if ARCH does go away, some say they will push for other options for veterans.

“Project ARCH was one approach to that (rural care) and I think allowing them the choice like medicare recipient is a better option,” says U.S. Congressman Tim Huelskamp. “And I think that is what the House is looking at, vastly expanding veterans choice in their health care needs. But if veterans don’t like the care they are getting, they should be given the option to go elsewhere and that’s the bill that’s working its way through the U.S. House and hopefully the Senate will agree with that choice for our veterans.”


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