Summer tourism up for Wichita

Wichita (KSN File Photo)

WICHITA,Kansas – Tourism is the number three leading industry in Kansas and during the summer it is a major source to Wichita revenue.

Susie Santo, President/CEO of Go Wichita, says time and precision goes into planning the right events and promoting visits to the city.

“Annually, visitors bring in a billion dollars to our city on an annual basis,” said Santo. “You know we have a lot of visiting friends and relatives who come and stay. We have a lot of them that come just for the day and go back; and then we have a lot that come for leisure and business.”

According to Go Wichita, in 2012, tourism generated $89 million in state and local taxes. Every summer 6 million visitors make their way to the city, adding jobs locally.

“The hospitality industry employs 12,000 employees right here in the city of Wichita,” said Santo.

So far, numbers are looking good, with a recorded 5 percent attendance growth during Riverfest . Last week Mid America Youth Basketball brought in more than 700 teams from 20 different states.

And the list of events and attractions go on.

“We know the bulk of the challenge comes during the summer, it’s a great opportunity to track not only the business travel but really the leisure travel,” said Santo.

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