Veteran says good care, not so good care at Wichita VA

Robert J. Dole, VA Medical Center (KSN File Photo)

WICHITA, Kansas – One veteran from Wichita is calling for a complete evaluation of the VA Hospital in Wichita.

“Yes, the mental health care is good. It has been good,” says Veteran Paul Rocco. “There are some doctors and staff there that I feel very good about.”

Good things, says Paul. But, on the hospital side, he has some concerns.

“What is going on?” asks Paul. “there needs to be change. From what I’ve seen. I wanted to let you guys know about it.”

Paul is a Vietnam veteran. He moved to Wichita in 2003 and had an operation on his leg. But now, he claims, he suffers from what he calls inadequate care.

“I’m very concerned about my leg, yes,” says Paul.

Mr. Rocco asked for a meeting with the leaders of the Wichita VA staff. He says it did not go well.

“I’m concerned that they are more interested in assigning blame to others, than they are to owning up to their mistakes or their not doing what should be done,” explains Paul. “I don’t think they ever want to see me in that office again. I had a special meeting with the whole staff one morning which turned out to be one of the most intimidating mornings of my life.”

Paul claims his meeting did not do much to address his needs.

“I am someone that they really don’t give a darn about to be honest with you,” claims Paul. “There are still some doctors who I see there in mental health, who I think the world of. They do offer some very good care.”

But Paul is now asking for a top-down evaluation of the entire senior staff at the VA.

KSN asked a representative in Washington to intermediate a response to KSN about possible changes at the VA.

KSN will bring you that response, when it arrives.

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