Local gun store breaks down the SCOTUS ruling

KSN File Photo

WICHITA,Kansas – Monday’s ruling from the Supreme Court (complete story here) on straw purchases has left some asking questions.

Donnie Holman with The Bullet Stop says the rules against straw purchases are meant to prevent legal gun owners from buying guns for people that can’t legally own a weapon.

However, the court also found that you can’t buy a weapon just to turn around and sell it to someone else even if both can legally own a gun.

“This kinda becomes a sticky issue when you start talking about husbands and wives,” said Holman.

For example, if some bought a gun for an immediate family member this, is ok.  As long as the buyer stated that it was a gift and there was no monetary transaction between the two.

If that same family member were in the store with the buyer at the time of the purchase, that is still considered illegal.

Holman says there are currently more than 30,000 gun laws across the US, making the issue complicated.

He says the simple answer is this: when you fill out your paperwork for buying a firearm and claim you’re buying it for yourself ; if you answer yes and you didn’t buy that gun for yourself under the Supreme Court they will prosecute you.

The U.S. Attorney’s office says it processes around 12 straw cases a year in Kansas

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