Dirty dentist warning

SHAMOKIN, Pennsylvania (WBRE) – Patients of a Pennsylvania dentist are being told to get tested for life-threatening diseases.

Health officials say Dr. Vincent Paczkoskie of Shamokin failed to follow proper procedures to clean, disinfect, or sterilize his tools.

Adding to the apparent nightmare, Dr. Paczkoskie also saw children at Shamokin Elementary School.

Lori Sinopoli says her daughter Trynity was one of those children he saw.

“She came home crying that he didn’t have gloves on, he didn’t wipe his hands, didn’t wash his hands.,” Sinopoli said. “And he went from child to child to child and just stuck his fingers in everyone’s mouth.”

Sinopoli said her 9-year-old daughter was devastated, and she said she’s concerned.

“I don’t know what other children have,” Sinopoli said. “I don’t know what was on his hands. I don’t know if they had cuts in their mouth. I have no idea.”

Pennsylvania State Health officials said a recent inspection revealed that Dr. Paczkoskie didn’t follow the proper procedure to clean, disinfect or sterilize his tools in his North Shamokin Street office.

“His stuff was all outdated and it reminds you of a dentist when you were a kid,” Ryan Wagner, who saw Dr. Paczkoskie, said.

Wagner says he went to Dr. Paczkoskie to have a tooth pulled a few years ago and he said he wasn’t surprised to hear about the allegations.

While there are no reports of patients being infected so far health officials are telling patients of Dr. Paczkoskie to get tested for hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and HIV.

Sinopoli said she plans to have her daughter checked out as soon as she can.

“I’m not taking any chances,” she said. “She’s only 9-years-old. I don’t want 5 years from now her ending up with HIV or anything.”

According to North Shamokin Elementary School officials Dr. Paczkoskie was brought into the school just to look at the children’s teeth and he used provided equipment.

School officials told Eyewitness News they plan on getting a list together of all the children who saw Dr. Paczkoskie.

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