Late Ken Landwehr’s family honored with U.S. capitol flag

HAYSVILLE, Kansas – The family of the late Ken Landwehr was honored today for the former police commander’s work in helping to solve hundreds of murders in Wichita.

U.S. Congressman Mike Pompeo presented Landwhehr’s family with a flag that flew at our nation’s capitol in Washington D.C.

Current and former law enforcement officers say it’s important to remember how Lanwehr’s work impacted the community.

“He left his mark here, there is no doubt about it, he left his mark with a lot of folks that he trained throughout the years to take his place when he did retire,” said Sedgwick county Sheriff Jeff Easter.

Landwehr is credited with helping to solve more than 600 homicides, including his work to help bring down the notorious BTK killer.

The 59 year old lost his nearly four year battle with kidney cancer in January. He retired from Wichita Police Department in 2012.

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