Hoisington pool closed after a leak

HOISINGTON, Kansas – The Hoisington City Pool should have opened on May 26th, but a major leak is keeping kids from their summer fun.

The worst part, they can’t find the leak.

“We’ve had leaks in the past and we seem to fix them. This one here is like a ghost leak, you know, did a lot of testing on the piping ourselves and haven’t come up with any answers yet,” said Paul Zecha, Hoisington Public Works Superintendent.

Fixing the pool is one of the city’s top priorities. This weekend they’re bringing in an expert to help.”

“We have a lot of people who want to know when this pool’s gonna be reopened up again,” said Zecha.

A pool specialist is coming in from Oklahoma Sunday.

The pool has had three major leaks in the past six years, but the city has been able to repair them all and haven’t had any plans to replace the 52-year-old facility.

“We have not set any funding aside for a new pool,” said Jonathan Mitchell, Hoisington City Manager. “We explored options, we know what it would take to find a new pool, and we have some ideas of how that may happen, but our goal right now is to get the pool open this season.”

Replacing the decades-old pool comes with a price tag of more than $2 million.

It is something the city may be forced to consider.

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