Garden City’s finances in good standing

GARDEN CITY, Kansas– The results are in from Garden City’s full disclosure audit.  It’s a promising report for Garden City officials and something they’re proud to share with the public.

“Transparency is really important in government right now and I feel like we’re fulfilling that,” said Finance Director Melinda Hitz.

The recent audit was favorable on the city’s’ $171 million in assets.

At the end of last year the city had $1.3 million carry over which will go toward keeping property taxes down.

“We could spend more if we wanted to, but we’ve been conservative in what we spend to maintain and grow,” said Mayor Roy Cessna.

The positive audit adds to that, by helping the city get a better bond rating.

“This really helps us in our credit rating,” Hitz said.

“With that better rating we get a better interest rate on the debt we acquire through bonds,” said Cessna.

With a lower interest rate, Garden City can pass along less of the cost to its taxpayers when it comes to funding a new project or improvements around the city.  In short, the city is looking at a stable financial future.

Take a look at the audit report here. 

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