Wind blows over train cars in western Kansas

Rush County train derailment (KSN Photo)

LACROSSE, Kansas – Rush County authorities say winds that blew through LaCrosse were strong enough to knock over train cars sitting at a lumberyard.

The Rush County Sheriff’s Department says the strong winds Wednesday night pushed over six empty train cars near Main Street in LaCrosse.

“I think we were fortunate, as far as the train derail, that they weren’t loaded with anything, especially anything hazardous and they did not cross Main, and luckily, nothing that was occupied so nobody’s hurt,” said Ward Corsair, Rush County Sheriff.

On Wednesday, the train was located a mile outside of town.

The high wind from the storm pushed the train down the track where it didn’t derail until it almost hit the intersection of 9th and Main.

One of the cars hit Enslinger Lumber at 920 North Main.

“I don’t know it’s pretty crazy. I never thought that the wind could actually push a train car, but I was wrong. It can do it,” said Lynn Enslinger, Enslinger Lumber Company.

Crews will be working to move those cars.

Winds were up to 80 mph when the derailment happened.

Train into lumber ring (Courtesy: Lynn Enslinger)

Train into lumber yard (Courtesy: Lynn Enslinger)

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