Mail thieves strike again in Wichita

Post Office (Courtesy of USPS)

WICHITA, Kansas – Sorting through the mail, Ginger Hudson is the latest victim of mail theft.

Every other Sunday for the past year, Hudson says she and her aunt would use the drop box near Mt. Vernon and Grove.

She says on Monday the police showed up at her door around 1 a.m. looking for her aunt

“It makes us feel vulnerable, because number one they have our address,” said Hudson. “They pulled over two men. Once they searched the car, they found my aunt’s check written to City Bank.”

Back in January, the postal inspector launched an investigation into drop box thefts.

No numbers were released, but by May, four people were facing federal charges accused of mail thefts in Sedgwick County.

“We have indicted four individuals in the theft of mail,” said US Postal Inspector Andrew Kearney. “We expect to see a decrease in mail theft as a result.

Kearney says mail thefts haven’t declined or increased since the arrest. He stresses that he believes mailing bills from a drop box is much safer than leaving bills with checks in your personal mailbox, but Hudson isn’t buying it.

“We know we’re not ever taking mail to a drop box, and we’re going to go straight to the post office,” said Hudson.

Anyone charged with mail theft can face up to 30 years in federal prison.

Hudson’s case is currently under investigation.

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