Logan County tornado rated as an EF-1

Logan County tornado damage (Courtesy: National Weather Service)

LOGAN COUNTY, Kansas – The National Weather Service has rated the tornado in Logan County as an EF-1 on the Enhanced Fujita Scale.

Around 8 p.m. Wednesday night, a shed, fences, and several power lines just north of the Logan County and Scott County line were damaged by a tornado.

Diana McDaniel was cooking dinner when the tornado touched down on her family ranch.

“We all heard a noise, and we weren’t sure what it was, and three or four two-by-fours came through the ceiling in the kitchen where I was cooking.”

The National Weather Service says the tornado was an isolated event with mostly straight-line wind and rain effecting other areas.

“Just a very strong thunderstorm that has a lot of downdraft coming out from the storms, but there was enough potential here for some tornadic activity,” said Scott Mentzer, National Weather Service Meteorologist.

The proof of the tornado comes from things like two-by-fours driving five feet into the ground at almost perpendicular angles.

When their shed peeled apart in the storm, it caused significant damage to the house and fence lines as it blew across the property, but just 12 hours later, people were showing up to help clean up.

“This is common I’m finding to Western Kansas, the help from the community is fantastic,” said Pappy Lies, Logan and Gove County Emergency Management Director.

After the insurance agent took a look at all the damage on the property, the McDaniels and their neighbors got to work on ripping down what was left of their 4,000 square foot shed.  Surprisingly, everything inside the shed was intact.

The McDaniels says they’re just happy no one got hurt.  “That’s the main thing you know. My husband and I were together, our six kids are okay, our grandkids are okay. We’re just blessed,” said Diana.

Reports of tornadoes were received from just northeast of Tribune in Greeley County and just north of Selkirk in Wichita County.

The strongest tornado occurred about 13 miles south southeast of Russell Springs in Logan County.

Logan County tornado damage (Courtesy: National Weather Service)
Logan County tornado damage (Courtesy: National Weather Service)
Tornado Reports (Courtesy; National Weather Service)
Tornado Reports (Courtesy; National Weather Service)


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