Harvest kicking off in parts of Kansas

Harvest (KSN File Photo)

WICHITA, Kansas – Wheat harvest is kicking off in some parts of Kansas, but it comes on the heels of a new report saying that farmers will probably bring in about 10 percent less wheat than last year.

The forecast is for 243 million bushels. It is down from 260 million in 2013.

In South Haven, Doug Wolf has been wheat farming for the better part of his life.

Wednesday afternoon he was out on the combine, harvesting.

Wolf says they got a leg up on cutting the fields before the rains hit last week.

“We cut a few loads last Wednesday. It’s better than we expected,” said Wolf.

So far, Wolf says he’s getting 30 bushels an acre. It is not a great yield, but a pleasant surprise considering his counterparts to the west have seen their crops decimated by the drought.

“Two months ago, I expected we wouldn’t have much of anything, so it’s quite a surprise that we have what we got.”

South central Kansas has seen better weather in the last few months which has led farmers here to at least have some crop to harvest.

“The south central part of the state and all the way up to the north central part of Kansas have certainly dodged a bullet this year because they actually did get a little more rainfall,” said John Jenkinson, KSN Ag specialist.

Jenkinson says it’s a race against time for these farmers because weather can easily step in and reduce the quality of a wheat crop.

Which is why many wheat farmers in Sumner County, like Wolf are taking advantage of the weather and getting out and harvesting their crop now to get as much of a paycheck as they can.

“Some people get paid twice a week, some people get paid every month, we get paid once a year.”

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