Via Christi getting wait time complaints after new records system implemented

WICHITA, Kansas – Via Christi says it’s trying to improve the speed of care after receiving complaints of longer wait times in their facilities.

Many of the complaints KSN has received about it center on Via Christi’s move toward one electronic records system called OneChart, which the hospital says is contributing to higher wait times.

Jim Kristek got a phone call with bad news around 2 p.m. Thursday that his 88-year-old mother Ruby was sick and in a waiting room at Via Christi Saint Joseph.

“They came in and checked on her, did all they could, but they were apologetic to the fact that they couldn’t get her moved in there fast enough,” Kristek said.

Kristek says his mother needed to be admitted for what turned out to be pneumonia, but the wait grew to be excessive.

“She didn’t get in there until 2:30 in the morning, so it took 12-and-a-half hours for her to get medical attention,” he said.

This comes just days after Via Christi’s implementation of a synchronized electronic medical record called OneChart, which integrated more than 15 different systems containing different patient information.

“Since the implementation, we have had some challenges,” Melissa Evraets, assistant chief nurse at Via Christi St. Joseph, said. “We have had some extended wait times in some areas, like our emergency department.”

Via Christi says all the issues are being handled in the OneChart customer care center, which is troubleshooting issues.Although they are encountering challenges now, they are hoping to work out the kinks quickly.

“We needed to make sure we had a solid plan in place to support the implementation so that we can all work together in any of those calls that come in to collaboratively work together to come to resolution on the issues that we have,” Mia Kaufman, senior director of healthcare informatics at Via Christi, said.

Ruby Kristek was discharged Monday evening and is resting comfortably, Jim Kristek says. He also complimented the professionalism and skill of the doctors and nurses who cared for his mother. But like many other patients and their families, he says he’s hoping Via Christi fixes the problems quickly.

“Granted, it’s their new system going in, but somewhere along the line, you’ve got to turn it off and go back to paper if you have to, and then plug the information back in,” he said.

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