KNEA officials announce pending lawsuit

(KSN photo/Kevin Stebral)

TOPEKA, Kansas — KNEA officials held a press conference in Topeka Monday morning promising to file a lawsuit challenging the school funding bill and the provisions that affect teachers.

Officials believe that the due process stripping parts of the bill were enacted by improper procedure and they deprive teachers of a basic expectation of fairness in termination decisions.

General Legal Counsel David Schauner said the lawsuit will be filed by the end of the month in Shawnee County District Court. The legal challenge will not include specific funding portions of the bill.

“Instead of money being spent in classrooms, money will now be spent in courtrooms by teachers and school districts challenging unfair dismissals,” said David Schauner, General Counsel, KNEA.

The KNEA is not yet sure how broad the complaint will be — if it will address due process alone, or other issues at hand with House Bill 2506. (click here for full bill)

Social media took a big role in why the KNEA is discussing the lawsuit now, despite it not being ready yet.

KNEA officials say this could turn into an issue for teachers trying to advocate for their students with due process being taken out.

“A lot of really serious harms that can come from this bill,” says Karen Godfrey, Pres of KNEA.

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