New allegations at the Wichita VA

WICHITA, Kansas – A KSN investigation inside the Wichita VA continues. Today, more veterans are stepping forward, asking KSN to help.

“I just can’t believe it. They have no record of my ambulance ride, my getting treated at the military hospital. And now there’s just no record of my injury at all. Anywhere,” says Cindy Creekmore. “I want to know what is going on.”

Creekmore served in the Air Force Guard from 2004 to 2012. She was injured while on the job, during training, in Texas. According to written affidavits from witnesses at the time, Cindy was injured.

“But they have no record,” says Creekmore. “This is a denial letter from the Department of Veterans Affairs. I have two of them. Why?”

Creekmore says the KSN investigation inside the VA of Wichita prompted her to ask more questions.

“Is there a problem overall with the records in the Va? My particular case makes me wonder,” says Creekmore.

Creekmore is now a teacher in Mulvane. She says she misses the Air Force Guard, but the pain was too much.

“I take medication every day, yes,” says Creekmore. “some days it’s worse than others. But, why do they have no record of my injury?”

Creekmore has provided the Wichita VA with those affidavits, and still no benefits.

KSN is forwarding Creekmore’s information to U.S. lawmakers from Kansas.

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