Cat killer caught on camera

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WKYC) – Police in Cleveland, Ohio are asking for the public’s help identifying a man caught on video shooting a cat.

Danielle Stiegelmeyer, the cat owner, says Jack was more than a family pet; he was the neighborhood cat.

“Blue-eyed, cross-eyed, loved people, absolutely loved people. He’d see people coming and he’d come up to them,” she continued.

When she found him on the side of her garage fighting for his life she quickly rushed him to a veterinarian, but Jack’s injuries proved fatal.

Stiegelmeyer then desperately scrolled through hours of home surveillance video to find out what happened to her beloved pet and the answer was disturbing.

Jack’s killer is captured on camera petting him just moments before he drew his gun and killed the helpless animal.

“If it happened now it may happen again and it may happen with a bigger animal and then what?” Stiegelmeyer questions.

Cleveland police as well as the Cleveland Animal Protective League are now investigating and asking for help identifying the shooter as well as two peers he is seen fleeing the scene with.

“Just all the raw emotion…the sad, the mad, most of it is pity,” said Stiegelmeyer. “For the individuals it’s just pity….and I hope that they could come forward.”

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