Barton County on track with reconciliations

GREAT BEND, Kansas – County officials say, even with their treasurer problems they expect to have minimal delays in completing their budget.

“I am optimistic, cautiously optimistic,” says Richard Boeckman, Barton County Administrator

Barton county officials say that the outside contractor that is reconciling their tax rolls and bank accounts is right on track.

“I know that progress has been made on the tax roll reconciliations, but I think there’s still quite a bit of issues with the bank roll reconciliations,” said Boeckman.

Despite the issues, the reconciliations should be done by early July.

For now, county commissioners will start planning as much of the budget as they can, without the final figures.

“The commissioners can still do that, meet with these people figure out what the requests are going to be, if the commissioners get the revenue side by early July, then there will still be adequate time to put the budget together,” Boeckman said.

The county expects to have their budget done on time but if they need extra time to complete it they can request a delay.

Right now, the county isn’t expecting any delays in getting everything reconciled.

After completing the reconciliations, the treasurer will undergo additional training from the outside contractors.

“Until we complete the urgent matters of the past two reconciliations, we will then come in to provide additional training to the staff and that will be on site,” said Pam Meadows of Computer Information Concepts.

Barton County Commissioners will start planning the expenditure part of their budget on June 16th, and the final budget is due at the beginning of August.


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